How do I start link in bio Shortening and Redirecting? (This feature is included with any of our plans) Published on November 03, 2022

First let's see what is URL shortner?

It is simply creating a short, fancy, trackble and memorable URL to point to your destination long URL.
After you Register in, you can access you dashboard and past your associates Long URL (the Destination URL) and press manage butoon or shorten to creat the Short URL.

When a person accesses the Short URL, the browser will redirect to the Destination URL. Redirection is the process of forwarding one URL to a different URL. There are three main types of redirects: 301, 302, and Meta refresh. uses the best practice for purposes of URL Shortening and your site’s SEO success (search engines).

Why do we need URL shortener?

An URL shortener ensures that you get the right messages out to your audience without taking up too much space in your social posts.
Additionally, we'll help you Make it easier to share your content with a tools like Simplified and branded URLs tell customers or audiences everything they need to know about your site.

Reason to change where you short link pointing  (REDIRECTING URL)

Now what if you Shared the wrong link, or you just want to change, after a period of time time, where your link was pointing to, Redirects may be also useful for any of this reason:
Re-use a custom link you've already created.
Update a link you shared on social media.
Add or fix UTM tracking parameters.
Change a QR Code destination after it prints.

Here it comes the magical feature available, for FREE on, the Link Redirects, it will let you, very easly, edit your short links and QR Codes after they've already been shared.

1- Select Links in your Dashboard menu.
2- Next to the link you want to change, Click edit.
3- Enter the new target URL.
4- Click the Update Link button at the top.


And that is it all Done ?!



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