How to create a one short link which can be multi redirect depending on platform or location? Published on November 03, 2022

To avoid creating thousands of specific links or setting up complex codes to retarget the destination of your users according to your needs brings you a simple and efficient solution that support the deep linking to do this and redirect your users where you want them

To do so, go to and create your account (service is currently free)

On user Dashboard, past long URL and press settings near Shorten button then Customize button .

Go to the targeting

link in bio

And define the redirection rules according to your needs
You can choose to target by :

1) Countries & Cities

Select the targeted country and even city in the dropdown menu and add the destination link for it

This way, all visitors coming from this country will be redirected to the specified link

2) Operating systems (OS)

Select the targeted OS in the dropdown menu

Currently, linke supports the 8 most popular operating systems which are :

  • Winwods
  • macOS
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • iOS (iphones)
  • iOS (iPads)
  • Android
  • Others

Add the destination link for this OS, So if a visitor enters from this operating system he will be automatically redirected to the link

2) Language Targeting

If you have different pages for different languages then it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same URL. Simply choose the language and enter the URL.


OR combine targeting rules

And of course you can combine all these rules for even more targeting accuracy for your campaigns

For example : if the country is : USA and the OS is Android redirect to AndroidUSlink

Here is an example of an adaptable short link creation, with the Adidas Store suite:

Then click on save link and voilà! will provide you with a beautiful little link that you can place and share everywhere, whether it is to be sent by SMS, in your email campaigns, on social networks or on your website, this shortened link will ensure the good tracking and the good targeting of your campaign.

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